Games You Can Download on Steam Deck Right Now

Steam Deck is a mobile gaming computer. Top Deck Verified card and board games? Valve’s first portable game was the Steam Deck, released on February 25, 2022. These three models give PC gamers more mobility without sacrificing power. The Steam Deck’s positive reception is making it more widely available. Since the Steam Deck’s release, Valve has been testing each game in Steam’s massive library for compatibility. Any company-approved portable game works. Let’s rank Steam Deck games by Deck Verified.

Hotline Miami

In the 2010s, the independent scene grew in popularity and visibility, and games like Hotline Miami helped this happen. The stylish top-down shooter is set in the late 1980s, with a neon-clad world that captures the decade’s pop culture aesthetic. Players take on the role of an unnamed protagonist who receives cryptic missions from an unknown source; regardless of what the message says, the tasks are typically “kill ’em all.” The vibrant visuals of Hotline Miami emphasize how unapologetically bloody and violent it is. The gameplay is a good mix of strategy and visceral action because players must outmaneuver their targets rather than simply rely on reflexes. Hotline Miami is one of the best Steam Deck games and will never get old.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! is one of the best Steam Deck games for getting people interested in the vast world of visual novels. However, because the free version, Doki Doki Literature Club!, is marked as “playable” on the Deck, anyone unsure whether this type of experience is for them should download it first. Even though the Plus version has some new content, the game’s good reputation comes from the original free version. Despite how difficult it can be to avoid spoilers in the age of memes and let’s plays, Doki Doki Literature Club! benefits greatly from a blind playthrough. But there are a few intense and possibly upsetting themes in the story that may be too much for some readers. 


This may be a controversial choice, and it has nothing to do with the quality of 2016’s Doom. It’s a contender for the best FPS of the last decade, and a must-play for fans of classic run-and-gun shooters from the 1990s. However, because most PC owners are used to playing shooters with a keyboard and mouse, the Steam Deck’s gamepad may be inconvenient for some. However, when compared to other FPSs, Doom is a little more forgiving in terms of accuracy. It is also possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to the Steam Deck.

Dead Cells

Roguelikes abound on the Steam Store, and many are Deck Verified. Because individual play sessions are typically short, this genre appears tailor-made for portable systems; someone could easily whip out a Steam Deck for a quick run while on the bus. Dead Cells is about as good as roguelikes get, with a combat system that borrows from the Souls playbook. Players take control of a corpse as they attempt to escape a dungeon, collecting items along the way. It’s exciting, exciting, and rewarding.


Valheim, another early access game, has remained in the public eye since its 2021 release. The Viking-themed game throws players into an open-world divided into bio-domes and challenges them to survive the harsh challenges that await them. Valheim is constantly expanding, with new updates arriving on a regular basis. Anyone who is interested in the game or simply wants to role-play as a Viking should consider joining before the full release.


RimWorld is a colony sim in which a group of humans is dropped on a distant planet and challenged to survive. Players are given a slew of characters to manage, each with their own set of characteristics that can make them an asset or a liability. The goal is to attempt to leave the planet, but this task can often seem painfully distant when disaster lurks around every corner. RimWorld is an addictive game with procedurally generated elements that can be played virtually indefinitely. Despite its charming art style, Ludeon’s project is excruciatingly difficult and consistently stressful. While players do get to manage things, the characters retain some self-control and can sometimes sabotage the colony’s chances.

Left 4 Dead 2

Okay, so Left 4 Dead 2 is merely a placeholder for every Deck Verified Valve game. There’s a reason these games remain among Steam’s most popular; they’re timeless. Outside of purely multiplayer games like Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike, which are not Deck Verified, Left 4 Dead 2 is Valve’s most replayable release because there is never a bad time to get together with a group of friends and blast a few hundred zombies in the face. Many games have attempted to replicate the Left 4 Dead formula, but none have come close to matching Valve’s second entry in the series’ excellence.

Hogwarts Legacy

By a significant margin, Hogwarts Legacy has emerged as the year 2023’s most popular video game. Players of the Harry Potter video game are given the opportunity to experience a new story that takes place in the Wizarding World approximately one hundred years before the events depicted in the books and films. The Avalanche team has designed a vast open world that is full of intricate details, and the game is at its strongest when it gives players the opportunity to simply exist in these settings. In spite of the fact that a port for the Nintendo Switch has been announced, the Steam Deck remains the only portable method for playing Hogwarts Legacy at this time (or, technically, a laptop). These kinds of endeavors used to be confined to either home consoles or personal computers, but Valve’s portable system has broken down the barrier that used to exist between the two different types of gaming industries. If you intend to spend a significant amount of time playing Hogwarts Legacy, you will require a chair that is both supportive and comfortable. Check out SpinGenie.Ca for some awesome gaming chairs. 

Hi-Fi Rush

The formation of Hi-Fi Rush came as a complete surprise. The video game created by Tango Gameworks was unveiled to the public and made available for purchase on the same day. You can access it by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass. The hack-and-slash video game has also been validated for the Steam Deck, which means that players who own the portable gaming system can begin playing without any additional preparation. Because of its breathtaking visual design and top-notch sound design, Hi-Fi Rush is an absolute treat for the eyes and ears. Tango is aware that a game can have high production value but still fail to impress if the gameplay is not up to par with the rest of the experience. Players who perfectly time their movements to the music will be rewarded with Hi-Fi Rush, which offers more than just an advantage in combat. This synergy is beneficial in all endeavors, including those that are merely exploratory in nature.

Persona 5 Royal

It is no longer necessary to have a PlayStation system in order to play a mainline Persona game, despite the fact that this was the case in the past. Atlus’s Persona 5 Royal, the most recent turn-based installment in the franchise, is now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and personal computers. This well-liked Japanese role-playing video game has over 100 hours of content, which is sufficient to keep someone occupied for at least a few weeks, if not an entire month. The Phantom Thieves are the main characters in this story. They are a group of young people who have come together with the intention of bringing about positive social change by breaking into the Palace of a corrupt official. The two most important aspects of P5R are the social simulation and dungeon exploration elements. The latter makes use of a tried-and-true turn-based battle system, albeit one that is improved by slick visuals and an engaging monster-collecting mechanism. Outside of the palaces, players are able to interact with one another, eat, and drink, in addition to fighting the adults who are destroying the world.